Annual Diocesan Appeal 2022

Jesus reminds us that we are at our richest when we give generously, breaking free from self-reliance and opening ourselves up more completely to God.  With this truth in mind, please consider how the Lord might be calling you to contribute to our Annual Diocesan Appeal.

You and I are called to share our blessings to build up the Body of Christ and extend the Kingdom of God. One of the ways that we plant seeds for this purpose is by supporting the Annual Diocesan Appeal.

When you contribute to the Appeal, you are sharing your gifts with those in your local community as well as those you may not ever see. The sacrifice you make when supporting the Appeal allows the harvest to be reaped by many.

An excerpt from Most Reverend Barry C. Knestout, Bishop of Richmond

Learn how together, we bestow His first fruits through the annual appeal by visiting the Diocese of Richmond Catholic Community Foundation website.