Relief for 400 in Masaka Diocese, Uganda

A second letter of gratitude from Rt. Rev. Serverus Jjumba, Bishop of Masaka Diocese, Uganda (East Africa) to Fr. John Bosco and St. Vincent de Paul Parishioner upon receiving the Christmas package for the elderly in 2021:

We shall all live to remember this true sign of solidarity and charity most especially during
these tough times of COVID-19 pandemic that has caused a lot of disruptions in people’s lives.

We are so grateful to you for you gave these elderly people reason to smile during the Christmas season of 2021. Wherever we went the elderly were filled with joy and promising prayers for all of you who sacrificed for them. The elderly people received a package containing soap, rice, sugar, corn flour, salt and a Match box. A team of youths with their leaders went along with me visiting and delivering this Christmas package to these elders in our diocese.

I thank you so much for your timely intervention to bring a smile on these people’s faces.

Photos of the Bishop distributing gifts plus his entire letter are below.